Questions & Answers

Question: What do you do?

Answer: I am a professional companion, who for an hourly donation spends time with you, doing the activity of your choice as long as: Hypothetically it is not something that your girlfriend would not do, or would feel uncomfortable doing.

Question: How do I know that it is you in the pictures on your website?

Answer: I have reviews on Babylon Escort, The Exotic Review as well as Erotic Monkey and my website has verified  me through Escort Design who vouches that I am in fact the person in the pictures on my site. Besides you have no reason to believe that I am lying.

Question: How do I know that I will get what I want for my money, do I pay first or at the end of the time together.

Answer: You always give the donation at the beginning of a session, remember you are paying for the time we spend together. And you get to choose our activities it would be highly unlikely that you would not be satisfied with the service you receive in this kind of arrangement.

Question: How far in advance do I need to make an appointment with you?

Answer: As soon as you know you want to see me! The sooner you make the appointment the less chance that my time will be occupied by something else. If you wait to the last minute that is alright but you are taking the risk that I may possibly be busy. In that case the more flexible you are the better the chance we can get together when my time is free again.

Question: I left you a message and you did not call me back right away and I want to see you tonight.

Answer: Sometimes I can not get back to everyone right away if you want to see me and I haven't gotten back to you then call me again. I am not ignoring you I always have open arms for business and if you are ready to book an appointment with me then you have priority.

Question: I would like to buy you a gift but not sure if that is alright or what you would like?

Answer: I appreciate anything that someone gives me, but I will give you a few hints of what I like to make you feel more comfortable if you are picking out a gift for me.

Favorite Champagne - Moet White Star

Favorite Wine - Vouvray by B&G

Favorite Artists - Erte, and Eric Freyman

Bra Size 38DD  *   Lingerie Size Large Shoe Size 8.5-9.0

Favorite Colors- Black,Pink

Birthstone - Opal

Favorite Gems- Diamonds, Sapphires and Pink Rubies

Favorite Stores- Victoria Secret, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea, Loui Vuitton, Sharper Image, Macy's and Pier One Imports

Favorite Food - Sushi

Question: I have a question you did not answer and I think a lot of potential clients would also like to know the answer?

Answer: On my contact page submit the question and I will address it here in a reasonable amount of time,  I am happy to answer question no matter how dumb you may think they are to me there are no dumb questions, so don't be afraid to ask me,  I don't bite. Well I wont bite for asking questions!!!! I may bite in the heat of the moment but not hard but you will be. oooppps there I go again SORRY!! Hope to talk to you soon!!