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Failure to keep up on my BLOG??

I have not been current on my BLOG and the truth is my computer was not working correctly and the reason is because I got a virus which I did not think would ever happen to me. I guess it was from the porn I watch there must have been a virus in one of the kinky videos either I downloaded or watched. Either way I got off but I guess my computer didn't LOL.

Over the last week I have been hit on by more and more younger men than usual. I have no idea why but they seem to keep getting younger and younger. Here is the thing I sure think young men are sexy and have extremely hard cocks that unfortunately some of them pop way to soon and disappoint a women. I have advice for this particular scenario that will give major props to that young cock and maybe get it laid more offten. I know I would hop on top if I knew I would give me time before it popped. Guys jack off before you meet up with your woman the second time always takes longer. That is my advice and point of the day I will give you more secrets next time. XOXOXO Amie

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Today I saw a couple (She was awesome)

Today I was went to see a couple which they told me it was mainly for the woman let's call her Jenny and her husband Frank. When I got there she was so hot both in looks and her body was to die for. I left there a few hours ago and I still smell like her perfume. I really enjoy women especially women who enjoy women. Jenny kissed so gentle as soon as I got there she kissed me for at least half an hour, she also had an extensive supply of dildos and vibrators which got her excited just to show them all to me. We played while her husband just watched I guess after about an hour he couldn't take it any more and joined us. I love men but I don't know if I preferred Jenny alone or not. Anyways I will let you imagine how it was for Frank I will just say he passed out as soon as he was finished and Jenny and I still played with each other for the rest of the time until I had to go. That Frank I will say is on lucky fucking man!! XOXOXO AMIE
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Another Day Consumed in New Fantasies

Since most of my day is thinking of sexual encounters I think I will share a few of my fantasies with you and maybe one day we can role play one of them out. I have quite a few but am only going to share one with you now. One of my fantasies is a hypnotist who hypnotizes me and then can make me do anything that they like. For example telling me that their cock is an ice cream cone and in detail tells me how to eat it. It must be hot out because it keeps dripping and needs to be licked off. Tomorrow I will post another fantasy so be sure to check my site again and read my blog. Pretty soon I am going to lock my blog for members only if you have a opinion on that please let me know. Until tomorrow xoxoxox AMIE
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Welcome to My Blog

Hello darlings,

Welcome to my blog! Keep reading to get the inside scoop on my life as an independent escort. I'll be posting regularly, so check back often to learn more about me.

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