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Actually there are a lot of times that I wonder if porn stars watch porn? Maybe they don't like sex at home or only like missionary position? Or maybe they are the most perverted of all because to get a good orgasm they need to reach higher limits each time. As if there was an addiction or something? But that can not be the case if I am normal? (which is not the case because sex consumes my life, and I was not always like this) this is new to me because of the lack of sex for so long now I can't get it off my mind for one minute. So I guess we are all different what I really want to know is when my mind will ease up and think about something else for a minute. I think it will be a while so I might as well enjoy this while I can. I guess my whole point is that I love to watch porn, which I don't think many women do but I think they should it is very stimulating.

Amie   xoxoxo

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When Masterbating Makes You Late?

I love my pussy and I love to play with it or have others play with it. And sometimes I even let men FUCK it for their pleasure and mine. But once in a while I get stuck playing with myself and until I am done I will not quite even if it makes me late to an appointment or getting things done that I need to do. Why is this? Why do I put my pleasure above all else? I question myself  all the time why I do this and I finally came to a conclusion, which I am going to live by and not let this issue bother me any more. All of us only live once and the pleasures of life are what we live for, so when I have the opportunity to get pleasure I am going to take it and everything else can wait. So that is how it is and will be for me anyway I will not turn down pleasure nor will I set it aside for later. I am going to have pleasure when it arises and that is how it is going to be. Personally I think others should do the same and be honest about it why lie it ruins the whole pleasure and the reason behind it. Honesty is the best policy. " Hey boss I am late because I had to jack off 3 times before I came to work" Well honesty may not be all it is cracked up to be follow your instincts!! I will blog soon

AMIE xoxoxo

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Life is DISTURBING my sex life.

Why why why? Why cant we just have sex all day everyday? No we have to do a million other things that take away from the truly best feeling a person can get. Something that is judged so hard. If you do it to often, if you do it before you are married, if you do it with a different race, if you do it with a married person, or if you are married, and if you do it with to many partners. Then there is the judging if you do oral, anal, blow jobs. do the same sex or even if you don't want to do it at all. It must be another one of the shrinks diseases that we all have that no one is tested for just subjectively told you have For example (road rage). Well guess what???????THE ENTIRE WORLD IS SEXUALLY CHALLENGED!!! And all I can think about is when and where can I masturbate or get a hard dick. Personally I think I am normal I bet you do to!!  Well we are all completely crazy and not one of us is sane when it comes to blowing a load, swallowing a load, taking a load, giving a load, playing with a load or even spreading a load or spreading your legs for a load  and that is all I have to say on the sexuality of the entire world.    XOXOXO Amie

(P.S.) got to love my logic!! And check out these boots I found and had to have them I want to thank one of my admirers Jim for them. Thanks Jim

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Problems with my DILDO's

You see I just recently moved and it seems that I packed all my dildos in the same box, but that is not the problem the problem is that I can not locate that box. I am going crazy trying to find this box. Yes I took care of the most important thing and visited the nearest XXX Adult Book Store and purchased  a new one, but that does not make me miss the old ones any less. You never realize what you have until it is gone. This is a lesson for me to be more appreciative of what I have because I may not always have it.


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